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Swinger girls seeking midget dating. Woman seeking sex relationship. What is beauty? A womyns worth in this society- to herself, to those around her, to men, to lovers, etc. Whether her body, features, weight, height, shape, etc meet particular social standards determines her social status, and overall worth; it's how we determine Upwey guy looking for hot halloween sex a Womyn is worthy of notice or desirability, how long we look at her, how much we talk about her, how interested we are in her.

Without knowing who she is or ever having heard her voice, a Womyn's appearance is invitation enough for critique, praise, arousal, thoughts of ownership, jealousy, and possession. Hystoriy, within the system of patriarchy, a Womyns status has been determined by her use and worth to men- how well she can provide a service to men, the leaders in the patriarchal gender caste.

What type of service? Largely-domestic service; encompassing: sexual service, bearing service, and housekeeping service. Because sexuality was xxx of the ways that Womyn were rated in terms of their service to men, her body became object. Her body became scrutinized for it's worthiness as a sexual commodity. As a commodity, Roswell New Mexico tonight the mayan me naughty women Ludwigshafen am rhein She was not a humyn- she was the sum of what people thought of her body parts- in addition to, the other forms of domestic servitude she was supposed to perform. When we pick apart womyns bodies, we continue this tradition of sexual commodification.

We as worth to particular shapes, sizes, colors and body types of Womyn like we as worth to particular makes and models of cars. Everyday of her life a womyn is put up on an auction block, and bought and sold by various strangers inside their own minds everyday. As I walk down the street I know that I am walking on this auction block, and that somewhere someone is looking at my body and rating my parts- good, bad, okay Pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, short, nappy headed, buck toothed, okay shape but ugly face, okay face but not a very good ass or breast size Everyday I am xxx of the various cars at a car show, whether strangers plan to actually buy datesteal rape or just window shop passively rate womynI live my life, womyn live our lives constantly on an invisible auction block- as strangers and friends silently or voy determine the worth and price of what they see.

I remember the first time i ever learned that an ass was something that I, as a womyn, should be concerned about. It was middle school, and my best friend told me my ass was big. It was the first time i had ever paid any attention to the ass as an area to scrutinize.

I already knew that breasts were supposed to be big, waists were supposed to curve in a certain way, legs were supposed to be long and hairless At the time, I thought having a big ass was a bad thing. I became worried that my ass was too big, that boys wouldnt like it, that girls wouldnt think i was pretty, and that it made me unnactractive.

I began to wish for a smaller ass like I had already learned to wish for bigger boobs and lighter hair. At the time, my idea of what an attractive ass looked like was informed by the images of beauty i'd seen on tv. The non-Black Womyn on television that were the objects of everyones desire didnt have big asses.

It wasnt until I went to highschool that I learned that for Black men particularly, the larger the ass, the better. So I immediately stopped wishing for a smaller ass, to being happy about my ass size. Then I got to college, and the men in my life coveted asses that were bigger than mine. Once again I wished for a change in my ass size.

In middle school, social pressure and norms taught me that smaller asses were more attractive, so i thought mine was too big and therefore less attractive. In college, social pressure and norms taught me that bigger asses were most attractive, so i thought mine was too small and therefore less attractive. If no xxx had ever told me what to think of asses, i wouldnt think anything of asses at all. Im lucky enough to remember the moment of my indoctrination into the oppression and objectification of my ass. Its therefore easy for me to recognize that the things I have been told to be attracted to have been informed SOLELY by social pressure and the male gaze.

Others are not so lucky. Most people go their entire lives without realizing how brainwashed they are. Foolishly coveting particular Upwey guy looking for hot halloween sex and sizes and body parts simply because society has told them what is and isnt beautiful. They dont know anything else, so they assume that what they believe is the norm. Why do we pay so much attention to certain sizes and shapes and ignore others completely? What makes the differences in attraction we as to different sizes of an ass any more valid or worthy of notice than the difference between the size of the nail on your forefinger as opposed to the size of the nail on your middle finger?

Question what your preferences are. Question what you're attracted to. Make a list of what you consider to be attractive, and if you think your preferences are completely your own, as opposed to being informed solely by social pressures and norms, then tell someone else to do the same, and ponder why their list is almost exactly the same as yours. Question why even the are all the same. Why do we think some things are better bigger, and some things are better smaller and how that varies across gender.

When we are assessing attractiveness, why do words like waist, breasts, ass, eyes, etc come up more than words like temple, earlobe, armpit, knee for all of us. You have to ask yourself: if your ideas about beauty are so original, and aren't the result of mass social pressure, why are your ideas about beauty so much like everyone elses? Society has not only told us WHAT beauty looks like: what shapes and sizes we should consider to be attractive. Society has convinced us that beauty is definable all together If this were the matrix; Beauty- what we consider to be attractive, would be the Spoon.

The Spoon has been engineered by the manufacturers of your reality. The Spoon- beauty, will continue to exist in the form it was handed to you, until you realize that it isnt real.

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That it is simply a mirage- a production of the imaginings of the creators of thesexy big women in Helsinki cultural, Yosemite Village girls who want to fuck racial, and gender biased world you live in. Remember that the spoon is only a projection of the racial, gender, and cultural prejudices that you have been taught to consider truth and reality. The Spoon- Beauty is only as definite, as standard, and as real as you continue to allow it to be.

With persistance and acceptance, mythologies become truth.

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The beauty you believe in is a mythology you have allowed to become your truth. The Spoon is only silver, round, and hard because you refuse to believe otherwise. Married personals want premium dating match free blowjobs in Rochester New York. Nora - I am ready dating - Not important Wanted asian women or from india. Any girls up for some fun?

I'm up for a while looking for fun tonight. Don't refer me to websites. That stops everything. Be serious. Put your favorite city in the subject line. Hope this works. Sub seeking Dom I am a willing and obedient sub that desires to serve a truly special dominant woman. I will eagerly serve you. You will not be disappointed - I won't let you. I will work diligently and hard to please you in any way that you command. Once you choose me, I will give you mywomen looking for pussy in thomson ga undivided, Yosemite Village girls who want to fuck personal attention the entire time we are together.

I consider myself intelligent and well versed on world news and events. Do you like to be pampered and treated like the only person in person in the world?

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That's me. I am real and this is a sincere xxx post. So a bit more about me. I am trying to live life to its fullest and can honestly say that I am happy and content. I am single and unattached - uncomplicated, no baggage. I love exploring the city but need an exploring partner. I am well read and quite cultured, although I have a very playful side to me. I like to visit the various clubs and unique restaurants in Chicago as well as theater and plays.

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Upwey guy looking for hot halloween sex

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