Late night sex talk

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Late last night, Oxygen aired the last episode of its popular call-in show, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson. The series began as a Canadian call-in show back in It was extremely popular and featured sex educator Johanson offering colorful and up-front sexual advice. Reruns of the series were picked up by Oxygen but American audiences became frustrated by not being able to call in.

As a result, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson debuted in The year-old grandmother became very popular and has become a frequent guest on the late night talk show circuit. Almost six years later, Talk Sex has come to an end.

I love doing this show.

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And it hurts leaving my loving crew. Your phone calls have really given life to Talk Sex. For that, I thank you. Love, Oxygen. Though her TV show has ended, Johanson has no plans to retire any time soon. She says that she will continue to lecture at colleges and universities across the country, educating audiences about sex.

She also plans to return to radio with a new call-in show sometime soon. Stay tuned! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I realy miss the show it helped me out alot I never called but I did watch a take advice. It did help me and my husband sex life alot sad to see it gone but. God Bless you Sue. I hope some knowledgeable and easy going nurse or doctor would fill in the large shoes of Sue and Oxygen or another channel will continue this much needed and highly infrmative show or pehaps Sue could could reuce the frqunency to once pr month.

I immensely enjoyed the showand am disappointed that it has ended. Sue handled all calls with only help n her mind. For intace, I am reasonably sure that she is hetroseual like me but she provided good answers to homosxuals also without any int of a bias. Sue was the best and her departure would be … ». I hope the radio show host is Due Johanson. Who else could do it.

Why do you want to take an educational show that helps us women and men with sex problems. With Dr. Sue we could call in and get answers when being from a country that is so backward we are not to talk about Late night sex talk things but without knowledge life can be miserable. With the show being on so late children were not able to watch. Even though they will probably need one when they get older or they will be lost when any sex questions come up.

Everyone needs help with sex sometime or another and Dr. Sue was just … ». I only discovered your show in May. I watch the reruns now. Sue, you are a delightful lady.

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I loved this show! I know everything I know about this topic from her, sad to see her go.

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Love you, SueJo! I will miss you Sue. The show was educatingand entertaining. Enjoy your future events, and life. What a wonderful show…and very entertaining. Home News Cancelled or Renewed? Next Post ». Inline Feedbacks. March 29, pm. October 19, pm. October 7, pm.

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June 29, pm. November 18, am. Reply to Steve. March 6, pm. November 6, pm. September 30, pm. Wow I loved this show — very informative. Thank god for reruns. August 30, pm. August 19, pm. May 26, pm. May 26, am. Seena Brooklyn New York. May 25, pm. May 24, pm. May 23, pm.

I can remember listening to her on radio station Q in Toronto where it all began. May 17, am. Would love your thoughts, please comment.

Late night sex talk

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