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Sewing and stitching during the pregnancy will cause the baby to have birth defects. You should never sleep on your back. In the last few weeks of pregnancy, there is no comfortable position for sleeping. The weight of the baby also makes it difficult to sleep flat on your back. However, when your back is hurting, it sometimes feels comfortable to sleep on your back.

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If you have high blood pressure or the water around the baby is marginally decreased, your obstetrician may ask you to sleep mostly on your sides. This helps by increasing the blood flow to the baby. If your obstetrician has not given you any particular reason for sleeping on your sides, there is no harm in sleeping flat on your back from time to time.

This is absolutely unnecessary. Unless you have had a complication for which your obstetrician has asked you to avoid intercourse or exercise, there is no need to avoid sex or exercise. Sometimes, a woman may be too uncomfortable to have intercourse in the last few weeks of pregnancy. If you sweep and swab and do heavy physical labour during your pregnancy, you can avoid a caesarean.

Actually it does not matter which month you travel in. If you are going elsewhere for your delivery, then make sure you travel before 34 weeks of pregnancy. Medically, we know that some complications of pregnancy are more common after 34 weeks, so it is better to be under the supervision of the obstetrician who is going to deliver you. You should eat plenty of ghee so that the delivery is easy. Ghee will act as a lubricant! It is normal to retain water in pregnancy. You will find that your feet swell up as the pregnancy progresses. Your face and fingers may also be swollen.

As long as your blood pressure is staying normal, there is no cause for concern. This has no basis in science. You should eat a balanced diet and avoid unnecessary calories.

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Similarly, some people wrongly advise a newly delivered woman to avoid potatoes and other root vegetables. Betel leaf will only stain your teeth. Bacteria, not food, cause infections. You should not lift anything heavy for six months after a caesarean section.

You can gradually your activities and weeks after the caesarean section, you can do all your normal work. You can lift anything heavy, six weeks after a caesarean section. Radiation from computer and television screens can harm the baby.

There is nothing to worry about from the radiation emitted from a computer or a television. The amount of radiation is so negligible even a few inches from the screen, that it cannot cause any damage to cells. Our code of editorial values. Sci-Tech Health. Learn more about myths and misconceptions in pregnancy. Avoid sex and exercise during pregnancy. You must have intercourse to ensure a normal delivery. Just be active; it is important in any pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, ghee is a saturated fat that only adds on unnecessary weight. You must drink barley water to decrease the swelling in your feet.

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Mature women for sex in Gold Bridge

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